Renewing your Accreditation?


Renewing your Accreditation

The education of coaches and officials is extremely important to the ongoing development of hockey in Australia. Accreditation renewal is equally important as it ensures that hockey’s coaches and officials remain educated and informed on knowledge, experience and skills required for the modern game.

What is accreditation renewal?
Accreditation Renewal involves completing various tasks in a four year period following the successful completion of a Hockey Australia Coaching or Officiating Training Program to remain current, unless a higher level of accreditation is gained during this four year period. Hockey Australia recommends that all coaches and officials who become accredited continue to advance their knowledge and experience.

Why renew?
Renewal activities provide an opportunity for coaches and officials to:

  • Keep up with the latest information and developments in hockey
  • Have the most up-to-date skills and techniques for coaching or officiating hockey
  • Obtain feedback on your practical application of coaching or officiating hockey

How long is an accreditation valid for?
When a hockey coach or umpire receives a HockeyEd accreditation, they have four years from October 1st in the year in which they achieved their accreditation, to complete the renewal requirements.

How long is a renewal valid for?
When a hockey coach or umpire gains a HockeyEd accreditation renewal, it is valid for four years from October 1st in the year in which it was obtained. i.e if renewal obtained on 01/10/2015 it is valid until 01/10/2019

What if my accreditation has already expired, can I still renew?
If an individuals accreditation expired more than four years ago they need to either re-do the program or apply via RCC. If their accreditation expired less than four years ago they can still renew by completing the renewal requirements as outline below.

How do I renew my accreditation?

Step 1. Please login to your HockeyEd Moodle AccountThe registration fee covers the cost of renewing your accreditation and a HockeyEd Membership (valid for four years).

Step 2. Complete the relevant renewal requirements for your level of accreditation.

Step 3. Provide evidence of completion to your state/ territory association (Community, Level 1 and Level 2 levels) or Hockey Australia (Advanced and High Performance/ National levels).

For Example:

Practical Assessment - submit completed practical competency checklist. Practical coaching competencies can be evaluated through observation by a qualified assessor who sees you coaching either on a regular basis (i.e act as a referee and sign off on competencies achieved) or by organising a practical assessment.
Conduct Assessment - submit copy of completed practical competency checklist used to conduct assessment.
Approved Seminar - written evidence of attendance.

The renewal requirements for each level of accreditation are below:

A Community Coach/ Umpire needs to:

  • Complete the HockeyEd Beginner online training

A Level 1 Coach/ Umpire needs to:

  • Be practically assessed as competent
  • Attend a Development or HA approved seminar

Level 2 Coach/ Umpire needs to:

  • Be practically assessed as competent
  • Conduct a coach/ umpire practical assessment
  • Attend a HA approved seminar/ educational opportunity

An Advanced Coach/ Australian Umpire needs to:

  • Be practically assessed as competent
  • Produce a resource or facilitate Development Program seminar 
  • Conduct a coach/ umpire practical assessment


HA Approved Seminars/ Educational Opportunities

Approved training providers for seminars/ educational opportunity

Level 1 Level

HA approved seminar

Level 2 Level

HA approved seminar/ Educational opportunity

•    Hockey Australia

•    State/ territory Hockey Associations

•    AIS or State Institute of Sport

•    Australian Sports Commission

•    State Sport and Recreation departments

•    University/ College/ TAFE

•   Development Program seminar (module)

•   State/ territory Hockey Association coaching/ umpiring seminar

•   HockeyEd Level 1online training

•   Assessor training

•   Development Program seminar

•   State coaching/ umpiring seminar

•   ASC Intermediate general principles module 

•  Assessor training

•   Sports related tertiary studies e.g Human Movement, Sports Science, Physical Education

•   Relevant sports seminar e.g risk management, sports psychology, sports law/ ethics

•   First-aid course


HockeyEd Professional Development Seminar Calendar of Events

Please contact your State/ Territory HockeyEd Coordinator if you are unsure if a seminar/ educational opportunity would be HA approved.

How do I obtain the Practical Competency Checklist required for my practical re-assessment?

Community and Level 1 checklists can be accessed by logging into the online training program. The form is contained within the practical component section. The Level 2 practical competency checklists can be downloaded from the relevant secure page on the Development Coach or Umpire page - click on HockeyEd Membership login and enter your username and password.

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